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We work alongside venues, event organisers and producers, creative teams and other crews, providing the manpower to get your event up and running.

We help with things like:

stages and sets

Stage construction, ground rigging, set building… this has always been our bread and butter. So we’re familiar with the quirks and challenges that come with different systems and installation techniques – we know how to get it built quickly and efficiently.

Setting up PA systems and lighting

Our specialist crew members have worked with PA and lighting systems for years, whether for conference venues or outdoor concerts. And our crew understand basic system installations, from a mic on a stick to a line array, from LED PAR cans to moving heads.

Specialist Operators
and tickets

Our drivers can operate forklifts on or off road, MEWP machinery, tele-handlers and cherry pickers. If you’re using a tower, our PASMA qualified team can ensure access is safe and easy. If you have a van up to 3.5 tonnes, we can provide a driver for that too.

Organising crew
and logistics

We use bespoke software to manage multiple crews and vehicles across our entire operation, to make sure our crews are always on-site, on time. And if you need vehicles for your job, we can provide those for you too.

24 hrs

a day

Timings to suit you
We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even for small jobs – you can book crew for as little as 2 hours.

And if you’re in a tight spot, our last minute bookings can help. Give us a call on 0844 822 1515.

A different kind of crewing

Our clients know we’ll do a great job. Our crew members are expertly trained, and know how to work safely and efficiently. But they also know how to collaborate. Yes, this makes the whole experience personal, and enjoyable. But it means our crew are more efficient and effective too.

We’ll find a crew that’s right for you: confident and outgoing, or quieter and independent. Because by making a connection with you, we can do a better job.

Doing good work – in more ways than one

We offer jobs to people with a history of homelessness. These people have become valuable members of our team, with expert knowledge and specialist skills – and none has returned to homelessness. See our Connection Crew Academy for details.

And our Connection CSR Account shows our clients the social impact they create by working with us. We can give you an annual report showing the details – and these details can be very interesting to your potential clients.



‘On site, the crew’s experience and teamwork really comes into play.’

Last year we worked on an award-winning design festival in London. Our manual handlers, set-builders, plant and scissor operators were booked to help build and dismantle all the main elements, setting up exhibitions in historic buildings and spectacular pop-ups in the streets.

We needed to make everything perfect for the 35,000 visitors – many of them part of a discerning design crowd. But some builds were tricky: a multicoloured glass pavilion, designed to look like a Venetian sweet, and an installation by the charity Article 25. There were other challenges too. For instance, in one of the grade-listed buildings, exhibitors weren’t allowed to touch the surfaces.

Inside this particular building we created a multifaceted inner frame, so exhibitors could display work without touching any surfaces. And we helped set up individual exhibitions, to make sure nobody caused any damage to the building. We also created a temporary roof in the yard, complete with a unique platform to elevate the headline exhibit: a Renault concept car.

Our client was delighted. They said: ‘Connection Crew’s ability to break down complicated tasks ahead of delivery and spec out thorough briefs for the crew really helps when it comes to the build. On site, the crew’s experience and teamwork really comes into play, working seamlessly between other key suppliers and across locations.’ They also appointed us as official delivery partners for their London portfolio of events.


‘I could go to other companies and get the same skills – but not the thought and enthusiasm.’

Sarah works at an events company, creating exhibitions and conferences for huge corporate clients. She’s been relying on us for several years now.

‘The feedback I get about Connection Crew is that they get the job done,’ she says. ‘In our work, there are so many things that can go wrong. But with them, if a truck is late or the access isn’t right, there’s no moaning. They come up with solutions.’

Sarah says we’ve helped her out of a few sticky situations – and one in particular comes to mind:

‘We were doing a big show at St Helen’s in the Undershaft. We had to build an agora, a bit like an amphitheatre, and we had an 18 tonne truck with all the kit coming down the M25. Connection Crew were there at 6pm, ready for the truck to arrive – but then we had a call saying that a glue lorry had overturned on the motorway and that our truck couldn’t get through!

One option was for our guys to do the build alone, early next morning. But there was some really heavy lifting to do, taking huge staging panels up the stairs. And it would have been too physically demanding, and not good for health and safety. Instead, Connection Crew agreed to come back at 11pm, to help get the build done overnight. And they’re always like that – really helpful and flexible.’