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Ideal Home Show

Connection Crew has worked with Ideal Home Show since 2011. We support the organisers to plan, deliver and dismantle the epic show by handpicking multi-disciplinary teams of 20+ crew members.

Ideal Home Show is one of the UK’s most famous consumer exhibitions with three iterations per year, we support them all. Our bespoke approach to servicing clients really comes into play on this kind of build – it’s big, it’s varied. The main show provides visitors with feasts-for-the-eyes in the form of fully built show homes, gardens, inspirational sets and theatres. ​

What we do:​

  • 1000+ hours labour: excluding the shell-scheme, we provide manual labour to cover pretty much everything else
  • We take the challenge of getting the right people on the right jobs each day out of the organisers’ hands by talking to them in advance and analysing plans 
  • Provide multi-skilled teams of more than 20 crew throughout the build and de-rig incorporating plant operators, carpenters, manual handlers and more
  • Splitting the crew up this way as opposed to sending a large one-size-fits-all team saves Media 10 time and money​
  • In addition, we have a specialist team trained in the niche art of artificial snow application and we now apply all the snow effects throughout Ideal Home Show at Christmas in London and Manchester. 

“Connection Crew plan for each show rigorously, building us a bespoke service. At the same time, they are responsive and adapt when required. ​

On the ground, crews are skilled, dedicated and it’s a great help that we can trust their Crew Chiefs to manage their own teams, prioritise tasks and liaise with other suppliers and exhibitors. I know that the marketing and sales team really value the CSR credits they send our way too.”​
Anthony Goodey​

Show Manager
Media 10

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