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We are looking for projects to #HelpNow. #HelpNow, our 215 Fund adapted for 2020 and into 2021, provides manpower to support amazing projects that help communities now. Applications welcome today.

Connection Crew moved to Brixton in south London in February 2017.

One of the first things we set out to do was to get out and meet the neighbours.

We met businesses, community groups, entrepreneurs, volunteers – to introduce ourselves, to get to know them better and most importantly, to find out how Connection Crew can make a meaningful contribution to the community.

We learnt that Brixton is communal, creative and

And we figured out that we do have something fitting to offer.

We can help build amazing events and installations that benefit Brixton.

Then 2020 happened, so we’ve adapted our 215 Fund to help amazing projects that benefit communities dealing with the consequences of the pandemic.

About the Fund

215 Fund provides event crew – they are the professionals that build events.

That means they are also adept at installing temporary structures, loading and unloading, driving and logistics – and many other services that can help those responding to the needs of communities affected by COVID-19 .

It is ideal for people with a great team and all the materials in place, but a lack of skilled manpower to get their project up and running.

Whether you’re stocking a food bank or re-purposing a space to help those in need – our teams could help .

About the Application

We’ll take applications for funding throughout the year. Just drop us an email to request our easy online form. If the project meets our eligibility criteria we’ll support it – and we’ll work together with the winners and our partners to share success stories through social media and PR.

Click here to request an application form