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We’re targeting even greater impact.

We’re targeting environmental as well as social impact with the introduction of a new carbon levy.

The levy will come into effect in June and will enable us to offset the unavoidable carbon generated by our crews as they move between jobs in London. Connection Crew has already calculated and offset crew carbon generated in 2020, utilising We Are Albert’s Creative Offsets scheme with Natural Capital Partners. 

While we recognise that no additional charge is going to be popular, we are keen to stress its surprising affordability – and the fact that our clients can opt out if they choose. 

Our carbon levy is carefully calculated against crew uniform, transport and food per shift,” explains Camilla Marcus-Dew, Head of Ventures, “and clients can choose to opt-out when it’s added to invoices from June onwards. But at less than 10p per crew shift, we don’t think anyone will!” 

The move is one of a number of measures we’re exploring to reduce our environmental impact; there are future plans to build circularity into uniforms, materials and premises and to challenge and lead the events industry by example. 

Read more about our carbon levy below – and if you’ve any questions, get in touch with the team via


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