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Crewing + Communication at Hotel School

We took a segment of our Connection Crew Academy: Employment Programme over to Hotel School.

Hotel School – one of our brilliant Employment Programme partners – teaches hospitality skills to homeless and vulnerable people, matches them to sustainable employment, and supports them in their first steps into work.

So we ran a workshop on Practical Communication Skills for a group of their graduates.  The workshop deals with the importance of effective communication, listening skills and teamwork through the context of event crewing.  All crucial skills for setting-up a stage, sound and lights smoothly, safely and successfully – especially when you’re securing a stage from underneath as you can see!

Our full Employment Programme will be returning in 2021.

It is is an engaging and hands-on employment preparation programme for people who’ve experienced or are at risk of homelessness, and people furthest from the job market. It’s aimed at those who are motivated by practical and physical work, but would like to feel more confident in professional settings.


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