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Share social impact creds – before it’s too late

  • Connection Crew CSR Account

50 of our top clients have collectively created over 11,000 hours of work for people who have experienced homelessness by procuring our services. We are encouraging them to share these creds now, before it’s too late.

We noticed social impact starting to become more present on the corporate and public sector procurement agenda over three years ago.

Keen to find a way for our clients to benefit from this, we launched the Connection CSR Account in 2012. It quantifies clients’ individual contributions toward the employment of ex-homeless people so that they can in turn use the endorsement to win business.

In addition, we are the only social enterprise in the crewing industry – as such, we are also the only crewing company that can ‘payback’ social impact to clients in this way.

We’re encouraging account holders to use our unique status within the events industry to stand-out when it comes to bidding for new business, customer engagement and brand differentiation.

Choosing to include us as part of their supply chains creates a point of difference between them and their competitors worth celebrating, and referencing proper, regulated social impact measures strengthens any claims.

Crucially though, with social impact still a relatively new player in the CSR space, in comparison to sustainability or environmental impact at least, it’s high-time to start sharing.

“Cola Wars”, for example – Market rivals Pepsi and Coca-Cola both adopt similar approaches to CSR, such as zero net water usage strategies and bottles made from sustainable packaging. They don’t exactly stand-out from each other but the waning brand differentiation is a sign that CSR in terms of sustainability is taking hold and is not just a fad.

There’s still a very long way to go, but let’s hope that the same thing happens with social impact. In the meantime, we know referencing it works – according to a recent survey a third of our clients said that they have already successfully cited the figures to win business.

Celebrate your social impact – before it’s too late.

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