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We’re an award winning crewing company working in the UK and internationally. If you’re running an event – whether an awards ceremony or an away day – we’ll help make sure the setup goes smoothly, safely and successfully.

We can do this because our team members have the right mix of skills. Some are strong, determined, and can take care of the heavy lifting. Others have technical expertise, an eye for detail. All of them care about doing a great job for you.

We want to do good work in more ways than one. So we work with people who have been homeless in the past, training them up and helping them build a career in crewing. Many have become valued members of our team.


the team

Warren Rogers, Director at Connection Crew

Warren Rogers

Charlie Dorman, Director at Connection Crew

Charlie Dorman

Mathias Berry
Operations Manager

Robin Beshoori, Operations Manager at Connection Crew

Robin Beshoori
Senior Account Manager

Natalija Trifanova, Accounts at Connection Crew

Natalija Trifanova
Finance Manager

Tarvo Viru
Operations Assistant

Artur Moreno
Crew Chief

Liz Campbell
Talent Manager

Nick Zeffert, Crew Chief, Connection Crew - Head Shot

Nick Zeffert
Crew Chief

Funke Aleshe, Client Services Co-ordinator at Connection Crew

Funke Aleshe
Client Services Co-ordinator

Villu Viidul, Elite Crew at Connection Crew

Villu Viidul
Crew Chief

Thomas Beddis
Operations Assistant

Cormac Collins, Crew Chief, Connection Crew

Cormac Collins
Crew Chief

Luke Arnold
Crew Chief

Chris Golding
Crew Chief

Ciprian Mircea
Crew Chief

Margarita Ktoris, Marketing Co-ordinator at Connection Crew

Margarita Ktoris
Marketing Manager

Juan Garesse
Crew Chief

Artur Kurissoo
Crew Chief

Seb Nicholls
Crew Chief

“Connection Crew’s ability to break down complicated tasks ahead of delivery and spec out thorough briefs for the crew really helps when it comes to the build.”


We started out in 2005 as part of the homelessness charity The Connection at St Martin’s. We employed people who had been homeless in the past, giving them a place in our crew and helping them develop purpose, confidence and independence. Social enterprises were fairly new at the time. But we thought: if we can do great work for great clients and support those people who need it – why wouldn’t we?

Five years later we became a Community Interest Company, or CIC: an organisation that aims to use its profits for good. Since then, we’ve grown eight-fold.

In 12 years we’ve employed 180 ex-homeless people to complete 96,828 hours of work.

Read our 10 year Social Impact Report