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We build strong connections with people
– which means we can do better work.

Connecting with clients

We start by understanding who you are, how you work, and what experience you want to create – whether you keep a tight rein on projects or prefer crews to take the initiative.

Then we choose crew with the skills and personality to suit you. They can make sure every last detail of your event is exactly how you want it to be.

Connecting with crew

We don’t do ‘crewing by numbers’. So we don’t hire by numbers either. We find each individual’s personal strengths: physical, intellectual, organisational, technical. Then we give them tailor-made training so they can thrive.

It’s about seeing the potential in everyone. This approach is why we work with over 20 charities, offering work to people who have been homeless in the past. We’ve given these people careful training and support. In return, they’ve done incredible work, and have become extremely valuable members of our team.

to us

Our connections make us stronger.
Call us on 0844 822 1515 to see what they could mean for you.

“On site, the crew’s experience and teamwork really comes into play, working seamlessly between other key suppliers and across locations.”

Connection Crew CSR Account

We take regulated data to measure clients’ individual contributions toward the employment of ex-homeless people so that they can in turn use the endorsement to win business.

We launched the Connection CSR Account back in 2012 when social impact started to creep on to the corporate and public sector procurement agenda and we’re proud to be the first social enterprise to ‘payback’ our social impact to clients in this way.

It’s already helped over a third of our surveyed clients win business.

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Connection Crew Academy

Connection Crew Academy is a 10 week on-the-job training programme dedicated to people who’ve been homeless to provide them with a route into employment.

This is a carefully-planned course that has been successful for many recruits. Lots of them have become much-valued members of our team. Others, with our help, have found roles in other companies.

If you are a charity who works with people who’ve been homeless and are now ready for work, get in touch. Or for further information read our Introduction here.

Policies, documentation and reports

We’ve developed robust policies on health and safety and sustainability and we’re Carbon Smart certified. If you would like further information on any of those, or if you would like to see our RAMS or access details from our Combined Liability Insurance please get in touch at info@connectioncrew.co.uk