Jungle Bells: Connection Crew Christmas Collection 2017


Merry Christmas from Connection Crew

1. Welcome to the Jungle, Richard Cheese (From Robin Beshoori, Senior Account Manager)

2. Jungle Bill, Yello (From Mathias Berry, Operations Manager)

3. Voodoo People, The Prodigy (From Funke Aleshe, Client Services Co-ordinator)

4. Eye of The Tiger, Survivor (From Luke Arnold, Crew Chief)

5. Jungle Love, Morris Day and The Time (From Thomas Beddis, Operations Assistant)

6. I Like to Move It, Erick Morillo (From Artur Moreno, Crew Chief)

7. Lazy Jungle, Adred (From Artur Kurissoo, Crew Chief)

8. Incredible, M Beat featuring General Levy (From Charlie Dorman, Director)

9. Amazon, Jamie Jones (From Seb Nicholls, Crew Chief) Fisherman,

10. The Congos (From Cormac Collins, Senior Crew Chief)

11. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, Johnny Clarke (From Villu Viidul, Senior Crew Chief)

12. Walk Like a Panther, The All Seeing I (From Margarita Ktoris, Marketing Manager)

13. Jungle Bells (Dingo-Dongo-Day), Les Paul (From Tarvo Viru, Operations Assistant)

14. I Wan’na be Like You, Louis Prima (From Nick Zeffert, Crew Chief)

15. Firewalker, Jungle Fire (From Warren Rogers, Director)

16. Club Tropicana, George Michael (From Liz Campbell, Talent Manager)

17. There’s a Jungle Out There, The Red West (From Chris Golding, Crew Chief)

18. With Bells On, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers (From Natalija Trifanova, Finance Manager)

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