Work for ex-homeless at record high

We’re delighted to reveal that in 12 months we’ve generated 15,027 hours of work for people with a history of homelessness.

We’ve published the record-breaking figure as part of our annual Connection Crew CSR Account.

As well as the collective total which is the highest it’s ever been, we work out each client’s own contribution of hours’ work provided to our ex-homeless employees.

Then we share the data with each of them via an official and authenticated certificate. We set up the initiative to pay our social impact back to our clients so that they can in turn use the endorsement to win more business.

The CSR Account has seen significant growth since its launch in 2012. On this, Charlie Dorman, Director of Connection Crew said:

“We’re thrilled to officially announce growth in our social impact again this year. But each year there are more and more people in need of a second chance. That’s why we always aim to beat our own record and that’s why we’ve invested in bigger and better premises. So that we’ll be equipped to deliver even more business and employ even more crew members going forward. The need for businesses to address societal issues such as homelessness is becoming increasingly pressing – we hope our success inspires others to do what they can too.”

In our 12 years in business we’ve employed 180 ex-homeless people to complete 96,828 hours of work.

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