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Marking a decade of determination

  • Vintage Lukasz Mart, Head of Crew, Connection Crew

After 10 years with Connection Crew, Lukasz Mart, our Head of Crew is moving on to pursue the next stage of his career. Lukasz has been a huge part of Connection Crew’s growth and success.

Joining us as a crew member in 2007, he has risen through the ranks, he has seen the crew grow 10-fold, he has built thousands of events, and he has helped us to employ 157 people with a history of homelessness.

10 years’ service anywhere is a notable achievement. But when that 10 years’ covers all of the above, it’s undeniably a contribution that’s difficult to sum-up.

Lukasz not only has many crewing triumphs under his (tool) belt, he’s witnessed many remarkable sights out there. Due to non-disclosure agreements we cannot reveal any more.

But looking back there is one thing that has been common to all of it: Lukasz’ resolute commitment to Connection Crew’s core belief in personal strengths and strong connections – with all the people we work with, crew and clients alike.

He said just the other day:

“I joined Connection Crew when it was still based in the homelessness charity Connection at St Martins. Now it’s in its own three-storey building in Brixton. What makes me happy is that the same belief in giving people a step-up in life, whatever their background is just as strong, if not stronger, than when I joined. I’m proud to have been a part of it.”

We thank you Lukasz for living those values every day and passing them on to those you’ve encountered. Best wishes for the future. (We would wish you luck but you won’t need it.)

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