Evaluating our effectiveness

We continually assess our performance and look for ways to improve. 

In October 2015 we issued our inaugural annual survey to start monitoring and measuring our service to clients more scientifically.

We were delighted that the results were positive overall.

88% of respondents said that they felt like our crews were an extension of their own teams. 71% of respondents said that they are aware that we are a social enterprise and, even more impressively, a third have used that information to win business.

But there is always room for improvement.

The survey uncovered some areas where we weren’t doing so well. It also revealed what is most important to our clients when it comes to their crew suppliers. So, over the last year, we’ve made a number of changes to allow us to improve in the areas which matter to our clients the most.

Our next client survey will be a true test of whether we’ve improved as a consequence – we’ll be issuing it early next year. In the meantime, read our short report for the top eight lessons we’ve learned as a result of last year’s survey and the updates we’ve made in response to it.

Read the full evaluation: Evaluating our effectiveness – Reporting back from the Connection Crew client survey 2015

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