Team work makes the dream work

  • Tarvo Viro, Elite Crew, Connection Crew

Michael Crevier was one of our first trainees on the Connection Crew Academy, our 10 week training programme for people who’ve experienced homelessness. Everyone on the programme is matched with a volunteer mentor and Michael was matched with Tarvo (above), one of our Elite Crew.

Here’s what Michael, now a fully-fledged member of Connection Crew, had to say about the experience:

“It was great being mentored by Tarvo, he’s my main man. I call him Mr T! It’s really helpful to have someone who will listen to what you’re saying and really relate to it because they’ve been through it. Crewing can be tough. Getting to all those places around London and that steel-deck… that stuff is heavy, man.

Listening to their stories helps you understand the nature of it and prepares you for what you’re gonna go through. If anything they’ll tell you the worst they’ve been through so you think, alright I’m just going to suck it up.  If you’re humble enough, you’ll gain a lot.

I’m definitely happy that I did it. I gained a lot more than I probably realised. Not just the practical skills, but something I never thought I’d end up gaining, which is people skills.

This job is a mind-set and an attitude. It’s like I always say, team work makes the dream work!”

This is an excerpt from our ‘10 years of social impact‘ report

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